Friday, December 19, 2008

Boldsprints, Boston

We mentioned yesterday that the OPEN Bicycle crew are hosting another Boldsprints event. Now we hear through the grapevine (Euphoria Before Total Implosion) that the main prize for the event is a sweet set of Deep V's laced to Formula. Top that off with the fact that they're in Yoda's DeBernardi Gold (yes, that's an actual color). Add yet to that the fact that I'm currently snowed in with nothing to do and you get a guy setting his bike up 53/14 with delusions of grandeur...

Photo from Euphoria BTI :: Prize by Cambridge Bicycle

Yoda's DeBernardi. Hard to start. Impossible to stop.

The Forums are reporting that out-of-towners will be generously compensated (hopefully with that wheelset).

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