Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to Chicago

Okay, where do i start. I'm not going to start anywhere. My first day, my first hour in a new city i'm greeted by the Chicago Police Dept. Why do you ask,

Appearently Budget rental truck cant go into roundabouts. Its now ben a week and i still have yet to open up the box with my bike.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to the Midwest

Flix and pix are popping up all over teh intranets from Midwest Mayhem. This video, from Stephanie Allen, was found over at ProllyIsNotProbably. Is that our own Sean Milnes at 2:09??

MIDWEST MAYHEM from Stefanie Allen on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

kid lique

So, right now I'm in Chicago with my brother looking at a few places to live. After seeing the post below of BmoreSam , I noticed how he looks like my old roommate Phil Lique. Can you say Doppelganger.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all went off and got big-boy jobs and computers died, and dogs ate things, and everybody hates ftw, and we've got excuses.
Bright side is, we've also got Baltimore Sam in a GTV3 shirt by Roll Deep on a Milwaukee Bruiser won at Grand Theft Velo....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hit up the Ghostship blog for Hartford Cyclocross action...

...which apparently featured a downhill section:

Per the norm, Matt, the Commodore of the Ghostship, had plenty of merch:

...and a Scorcher contingent:

that's Doug Jenne, Ghostship team rider, Scorcher extraordinaire

Milnes on Prolly yet again. Bootleg?

Sean's been popping up on Prolly's site a bit more. Something to do with a Bootleg Sessions part??? Pix by Tyrant.

Found out via Sean's Twitter that he spent the weekend in Boston filming with Keena and the OPEN crew.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I was just informed by Brian Kaspr( that he was hit by a car. He says he and his bike(whsch came to his as a prize in GTV3) are fine. Unfortunately he lost a rear wheel. Hope all is alright.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benny Gold x Velocity Rims

Benny Gold x Velocity RimsAdd Image

Dropping these two toned rims

They all come with a gold colored aluminum card and custom sticker. The black section of the card is chemically etched into the metal. Each card has the set number stamped directly into the metal.

The rims will be available in select bike shops and online exclusively right here in the shop

hope to get a pair myself, I also believe that they are all numbered.

Monday, August 24, 2009

custom is as custom does

Ahhh Yeah!

Custom one-off Ghostship edition 1FG 29er!

dougyfresh has been at it again, light weight singlespeed with a touch of that Ghostship class!

Go over here and check out the photoalbum and specs of the new ride.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Grand Theft Velo 3 in pictures (vol.2)

via Prolly...

On flickr:

via NoDeadPedestrians...

rest of the set here.

via BMORE SAM...

via Justin Keena, here ("spaceballed")

via Octopist 'n Skquid...

Aaron Meberg's (8th place) race route on gmap-pedometer

From Scorchers Boston...
You're going to have to check out this one (NSFW) by clicking

Links to photos. GTV, Valley Kitten, Haven Death Rail Jam

Found via RE:New Haven, Kama's Flickr. He's also got pix from the start of the Valley Kitten (which, by the way, the Scorchers destroyed), but, alas, all his photos are "spaceballed" so you'll just have to follow those flickr links.

Tyrant's got photos up from Haven Skatepark's "Death Rail Jam" at their flickr.

Want something bigger than B43's?

Then check out Velocity's new rims made for Rocky Mountain High Wheels...

shown with deep V's for size comparison

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abraham Lincoln and the future of BikeNewHaven blog

Our friend Bill's Bike New Haven blog has been dormant for some time now. In his most recent post he hints at discontinuing the blog. I'll admit I'm somewhat disappointed because his blog stood in a Purgatorical (yep, new word, I invented it) gray area between ours and the Elm City Cycling ListServ.
His recent post is highly recommended reading, however, and will give you an idea of what we're going to miss. He recounts a tale of a Yale grad being hit by a minivan whilst traveling along the Orange St. bike lane. The story is amusing, replete with an immigrant who's ID claims his name is Abraham Lincoln, and Bill's response to said story is hilarious.

BTW, I’m assuming you’re from out of town for these three reasons:

1. You called Nica’s Market Nikita’s.
2. You actually used the bike lane on Orange Street.
3. You used the phrases “Un-Fucking believable” and “I shit you not.”

The bike lane on Orange Street, as any local will tell you, is a death trap. It typifies the type of urban planning New Haven likes to embrace. Somewhere between FUBAR and great idea, it represents a classic example of "we didn't think this through".

Bill, we're going to miss the blog!

Also of note, is Bill's link to the law firm of Jonathan Mills who has a bicycle-accident-specific department.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Prolly vs. New Haven -- gapping fixed

Found at the blog, The Art Of Trackstand. The original is by Justin Keena. The rest of the set (and more Prolly gap pix) can be found at Justin's flickr set from Grand Theft Velo 3.
"Aldone" from TAOTS has another, all Italian, blog: Bicifissa.

The RoundUp: Monday Morning in Fixed Gear

Happy Memorial Day to all. Hope you've thrown a rear rack on that whip and strapped the ol' Weber Smokey Joe on the back for the old school Tom O'Hara rolling barbeque. Just make sure you're using a lined RE Load for the ice! (RELoad's legendary April Fool's Race has been postponed again, probably mid-June)
Since I've got a rare day off, and I still wake up insanely early, let's see what's going on in the Fixed Blogosphere...

Our gal, Pandalicia, lady ripper, has probably already whipped out the credit card for this tee...

From Blue Lug via Pedal Consumption

Also at Pedal Consumption...

Flickr set here, you've gotta drop a line there to get one.

In a post over at Trackosaurus, we get our weekly dosage of the Vuh-Jeen, straight from the Giro...

Jussi in Helsinki posted the German Fixed City Trailer...

fixed city | Trailer from fixed city on Vimeo.

CyclingWMD posted a Wicker Bike from eBay...

Locked Cog gives us more video, Nathan and Machine and Rotterdam Fixed Gear Teaser...

Nathan&Machine from Bjorn Rust on Vimeo.

Rotterdam Fixed Gear Teaser from Blocter on Vimeo.

They've also got a pic up of the new Velocity B43's:

Of more interest to me in that photo is the DMR fork on the bike. Many of the Scorchers have been switching over to the DMR, and Justin at Amity Bicycle (Selden St. Woodbridge) has been ordering them by the dozen.

Speaking of Velocity, you should throw their blog on the ol' RSS reader. They've always got the neatest stuff, including this Rat Rod Tricycle...

Tony Tyrant's been playing in the dirt an awful lot lately, building his own trail network...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

3RRR - aluminum TT protectors

When Nao from 3RRR offered us a couple of his "Bring Rings" to give away at Grand Theft Velo, I attributed his pronunciation to some very bad stereotypes, and referred to them as "Bling Rings" instead. I'm glad to see in one of his recent blog posts that he's even spelling it "B-R-I-N-G" for a little good humored satire. I feel much better now, Nao.
Nao thanks Scorcher Sean Milnes in his post for Sean's use of the Bring Ring during a recent trick session.

If the "Bring Ring" is too much for you, 3RRR's also got a more traditional style available...

There's also some other metal-work afoot, including custom top-tube protectors in collaboration with OPEN Bicycle and Jeff Carvalho from High Snobiety...

Hand-brushed 6061 aluminum. Nao's also done some for Freeman Transport as well as a host of others...

pix gratuitously stolen from 3RRR's flickr.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grand Theft Velo 3 in words (Volume 1.0)

Shoreline Drew, our man-about-forums, has found quite a bit of buzz around last weekend's Grand Theft Velo alleycat in New Haven. Wow! Thanks, everybody.
Here's a sampling...

"pretty place to ride around, and so easy to get to, I left and it started pouring a minute later! And wtf, best facial hair.? WHERE IS MY PRIZE? just kidding. Drew, pass my congrats to the organizers, they were really on top of their game!"
-Andras from NYC

"Indeed, that was a seriously originally thought-out race, great separation between manned and un-manned checkpoints... just a blast."

I honestly did not expect so much awesome from New Haven, no, no I did not.
But these kids threw down hard, plenty of miles, and prizes to go 'round.
That race was long, taxing, complicated, and amazingly well organized.
Well worth skipping a road race, that's for sure."


"I just wanted to thank you personally for a great time!
Speaking as the first ever West Side Invite champ, I really appreciate a long, yet very interesting alleycat.
I could dig on New Haven.
Best race yet."

-Josh "Robot" from Boston

"A great time. Thanks to (Shoreline) Drew for giving me a couch to crash on and showing me around, Zack from Open, Justin from Boston, Justin from New Haven, the scorchers, everyone who rode, bmore for crashing and Drew Haven for getting naked at the bar and pissing the Yalies off.
My wrist is bruised and it hurts to ride my bike!
hahaha "

(Prolly also did a nice writeup on his blog about the weekend.)

"I have to say thanks to everyone who put that together. That was my first time to New Haven and doing an allycat and I had a great time. Everyone I met was really nice and helpful. Also, I got some nice stuff to take home. I will definitely be back to do another race."
-Jenny B. from Boston

It probably goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it. Maybe I'm just weak, but this was the HARDEST alleycat I've ever done, hands down. My legs are still sore today. Thanks for putting together such a bad-ass race. You all know I love long events, this one was dope! Hopefully we can put together something ridiculous and fun for KONE!
-Matt from Ghostship

You guys really knocked it out of the park on this one. Serious good times, good manifests, good checkpoint workers, fucking killer prizes... I got caught on the drawbridge, I rode down stairs, through a tunnel, on a dirt path, up a mountain, pushed my bike for a few miles, talked to liquor store owners... Such a good time.
My only only beef is that I'm from Bristol, not West Hartford. :)
Can't wait for KONE!

-Aaron from West Hartford Bristol, CT

I had a lot of fun and can't believe I pushed myself so hard (with a bad back to boot). But psyched I didn't get raped and killed riding the back way up east rock with no light in the fog, doubly psyched I won the cannondale bike (!!?), and triply psyched Eric and I can walk through our sun porch now that all the dozens of boxes of prizes and wheel sets have nice happy homes!!
BIG THANKS again to of course my sweetie Eric, and my other sweetie Drew Nemetz for getting SO many ridiculous prizes (?!?!) and Justin and Amity for the frames and everything else and Brian and all the scorchers for sticking with it and everyone for coming out and making it a killer time !!!!!
I think I just got all my energy back....


i want to say thank you to drew, eric and uva for taking my baby and making it a monster! this shit was crazy. and to the rest of the crew, racers and workers, fucking awesome. this was the best race new havens seen and hopefully the foundation for the races to come. on to the next epic chapter of scorcherdom!
-Sean Milnes, Scorchers/OPEN Bicycle rider

This race was a blast to host -- possibly more so than it was to race. Last year's participants asked for it to be longer. Yep, it was longer. First Place (Raf) finished in just under 3 hours, and there were people who were still working on their first (3 or 4 total) manifest. The DFL crew came in well into the afterparty.
Congrats to all, and a huge thanks to all who helped, raced, sponsored, or bought Drew drinks!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grand Theft Velo 3 in pictures (Volume 1)

Some photos posted so far from this weekend's Grand Theft Velo 3 in New Haven, CT....

from the Tyrant BMX blog and Tony's flickr.

NH Scorcher Dan Nugent vs. Austin Scorcher Dan Nicely. Battle of the Dans!
from Sara T.'s facebook

Scorcher Drew Pattison (5th Place) at Fort Nathan Hale

West Coast Scorcher Lily DiMauro reaches Nathan Hale. Look at that fog!

Rich House (6th Place) and Mr. Lucas Brunelle. Photo from Rich's facebook

The early scene outside Rudy's (372 Elm St.). Photo from Mark M.'s facebook.

"celebrity" blogger John "Prolly" Watson and "celebrity" alleycat documentary producer Lucas Brunelle bunny hopping Boston's Justin Keena. Photo by Tyrant via Prolly Is Not Probably.

Raf getting his Bianchi Pista Concept for taking 1st place. Look at all that swag! Organizer Justin Bagnati gives out. Organizer Eric Jennette on left.

Amity Bicycle, Team Scorchers rider Justin Bagnati having his final manifests checked by organizer Matt Uva. Justin came in 2 minutes before Raf, but missed one tiny detail, resulting in a DQ. Robbed!

West Hartford's Aaron Meberg had some technical difficulties. He took Uva's bike to keep racing, then traded it with Phil Lique to finish. "Musical Bikes" scored him 8th place overall.

"Chefpants" from the Baltimore Scorchers.

NH ScorcherDan Nugent working towards that Bruiser.

Boston Scorcher, Justin Keena, forgetting the "wheels down, helmets up" part.

Francesca from the Boston Scorchers working that map. Many checkpoints were foreign, even to locals.

Ghostship Clothing's Matt Lolli, during his "oh sh!t" moment, realizing that the "bonus" manifest for the top 15 added 21+ miles to his ride. Prolly and Chris Wielk in the background.

He rode it well. Here he is receiving his prizes (no Ghostship swag) for 13th overall from organizers, Scorchers NYC's Brian Kaspr, and NH's Matt Uva and Justin Bagnati.

25th place finisher and token vegan straight edge Scorcher, Anthony Acock

Thanks to Tony Tyrant for that batch of photos

The Water St. Legal Wall checkpoint, mid project. Photo by Hillary Stearns via her facebook.

More to come!

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