Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scorcher's Mascot

You B

A while back I posted some shizz about Boston, and their "house" dj, Brek One. Well, Boston, we don't need you anymore. We've got You B! ;)

Walz X Scorchers

Haven Skatepark Takeover

By popular demand, here are links to all the sh!t from the Haven Skatepark Takeover with Tyrant and Ghostship...

Video footage. Dougy Fresh and Sean Milnes.

Sean Milnes photoset - frame by frame, just like old school Thrasher.

Tyrant BMX pix - and links to more!

More pictures.

Dougy Fresh's take on the whole thing.

Tyrant's Flickr.

CT Drew's flickr.

Public Service Announcement

Ha! I know I'm about a week late on this one. Matt Feiner from The Devil's Gear Bike Shop in New Haven. Quick glimpse of the Coffee Cat flier on the shop counter.

The bike being worked on had been left outside in the elements for the season. The bike's new owner was getting a new seatpost installed, when the old one proved a little tricky to dislodge. Thank god for bench vises.

Someone Stole My Bike

Like candy

Wait, no, it is candy.

Thanks to PedalConsumption for the heads-up.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grand Theft Velo III

from Todd over at Teaessare.

Haven Footage

Here's the quick web-edit of the little footage I shot @ Haven Skatepark last Saturday. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

psst. hey.

a vision into the future?

Boulder Velodrome Construction -- Time Lapse

Stolen from Hipster Nascar.

Stuck In The 80's

Channel 1 is holding the mother of all 80's parties Friday night (30th). Eros graff pieces, Dinco D & Charlie Brown of Leaders of the New School, and Dooley-O.

Event sponsored by Upper Playground, Supra Footwear, and Montana Colors.

Afterparty at Cafe 9.

As seen in Marlborough, Mass.


If HK Fixed can post videos of racecars, then we can post Mo Murda at the track. Free tube of Chamois Butter to whoever correctly identifies the track location.

51mph into hard right

Pedal Consumption

Pedal Consumption has set up a web-store for some used parts he's got laying around.

Not much up there yet, but here's a highlight...

Do You Know Clarence?

This is Clarence. He has a website and a penchant for Nike Dunks.
We met Clarence at Pony Up! He was wearing kicks with clipless pedal attachments.

pix from

They're the Nike Dunk Gyrizo from the Beijing Olympics (BMX)

edit: Thanks to Tony Tyrant for the update -- Nike's got 'em in 5, 5 1/2, and 7 for $220.



Haven Skatepark Takeover through D.Fresh's eyes

Check out Dougy Fresh's blog for another take on the Haven Skatepark Takeover from Sunday night.

Other posts here, here, and here.

Hell Yeah, New Shizzle

Juliet's got new stuff. Check it.

Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth
has signed on as a sponsor for this summer's events. Rochester, what?!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Craig's List Diggin'

Original posting here.

Columbia Track Bike **Extremely Rare** Fixed Gear - $600 (Hartford, New Haven)
Up for sale is a very rare Columbia track frame and fork. I got this frame years ago when I was a messenger in Boston however I never rode it for work. I had hopes to restore and build it up but Its time to clean out the garage. The frame measures 54cm from center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. The geometry of this bike is very tight. The rear wheel actually sits inside the seat tube. The frame and fork are in excellent shape with no dings or dents. However it could use a new paint job. The rear drop outs are Shimano and the bottom bracket is Campy. I was told this bike was ridden in the 88 Olympics in Seoul,Korea. This is a killer track bike and very rare. Im asking $600 or Best offer. Everytime Im in N.H I see lots of kids on fixed gears so dont mess out on this one of kind bike

Just to be clear, this ain't us.

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