Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Has Sprung -- 4/18 Newington, CT

Tyrant BMX is really getting the season rolling. He regularly rents out Haven Skatepark and invites along the fixed-gear hooligans. He just threw down a BMX Jam at the Stratford Skatepark, and now he's got another one coming up on April 18th in Newington.
As is the norm with the Tyrant crew, fixed gear/700CMX/tarck riders are welcome, and Tony's holding both a skid and bunny hop comp for the fixed riders. He's scored a ton of stuff from some great area sponsors.

From Tony:
Come out and ride! The Newington Park has a bunch of wedges and mellow ramps, perfect for fixie freestyle. I'm going to do a bunch of contests including a skid contest as well as the bunnyhop. I'm awaiting feedback from a bunch of potential "free swag" sponsors, but I'm sure there will be lots of free merch. to go around!

In other Tyrant news, they're blowing out the rest of his Graffiti logo T's at a rock-bottom $10. Hit up the Tyrant site or MySpace to cop one.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Milwaukee Bicycle / Ben's Cycle to sponsor Grand Theft Velo

We're excited to announce that Ben's Cycle / Milwaukee Bicycle have signed on as a sponsor for Grand Theft Velo III on May 16th.


Ben's is one of the few companies that has truly kept up with the demands of all types of cyclists, especially the urban ilk. Their mission is to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Their inventory rivals many wholesale suppliers. After perusing their site, give 'em a call as the site lists only a fraction of their total inventory.
As the fixed cyclista blogosphere will tell you, the new Milwaukee Bruiser is one of the most coveted items available in the world of 700CMX/Trick Riding/Tarck right now, and it ain't even out yet. We recently had the opportunity to test ride the beast.

We're not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but let's just say their support will be HUGE.

The Cut Two

After witnessing the Killer No-Hander as performed by Don Pavelka, I had to track this guy down. He's got a blog at donbmx.blogspot.com, where I found this little ditty featuring some of 203/860's finest. These kids aren't afraid to fall.

The Cut Two from svennnnn on Vimeo.

Haven Skatepark - extras

Tony over at Tyrant has a write-up on his blog about the event, as well as a sneak peek into next weekend's plans. He posted a photoset to his flickr as well.

Uva on the clown bike. Rippin'

Milnes. Now with added flash!

Haven Skatepark -- March Edition

Thanks to Tony Tyrant, the Scorchers were invited to another night of private skatepark action at Haven in North Haven. This time Sean and Justin showed up to represent, and a bunch of the Tyrant crew reminded us that track bikes look silly next to BMXers at the 'park. This ain't no "The Come Up" crew, a bunch of Tyrant's guys also ride fixed in their daily lives. 32-18 makes for a terrible commute.
Ghostship Matt was in attendance, as was TJ from the Hartford Bicycle Messenger Association, rocking his BMX. TJ's been hitting the streets on a geared road-bike for the last few, presumably because fixed became hip, and TJ is uber-anti-hip. Whatever, he's hella fast on anything with two wheels, so Austin, you better watch out!

As usual, Milnes was killing it. He nailed, several times, a 4-stair set. This was, however, a "4-stair" in skateboard parlance -- each stair being about 14" long...

Alternate view, without the pyramid run...

He also attempted some X-ups over the pyramid...

...as well as some wall rides down the "jersey barrier" angled wall...

Of course, all of this goes for nil when you've got crazy BMX kids hangin' as well. This one's Don Pavelka...

Then Tony Tyrant got out the broom and swept the not-quite-open full pipe...

Can't believe you pressed play on that one!

We got a few runs of Sean...

...as well as TJ ->

Ryan Schmidt in the full pipe...

I even attempted the pipe on the ol' clown bike...

...it wasn't so successful.

We even got Rick Craft, Haven's owner, out on the track bike...

Rick was known as Crazy Rick back in college, where he would routinely free climb 4 stories of brick wall to visit our dorm room rather than use the front door.

Great night. Thanks, Tony!

p.s. if you're in the 203 or the 860 (fark, if you're in the NY and can make it out and back on yer own) get in touch, as Tony's been fronting his own duckets for these events and running short in the end. We're psyched that he's willing to lose a little to make this happen, but would be even more excited if he could break even. If he makes extra cash, you get some back, so it's all good. Added bonus: some of the rules get a li'l relaxed after-hours. If you travel up from NY, or down from BOS for one of these events, the Scorchers will guarantee you go home with a little somethin' somethin', even if it is just a hangover.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zach?! WTF?!?!

Prolly's got this photo up of Zach from OPEN right in the middle of a no-handed nose manual. The pic's from Keena, so you know Zach had to pull this off like seventeen times in a row so Justin could get the "lighting" right. Can't wait 'til the shop opens in two weeks, so I can take a closer look at Zach's palms. There's gotta be some road rash.

Visitor Count

While this doesn't reflect our "ecscorchers.blogspot.com" address, and is technically a lower number than our usual "scorchers.tk" hit-count, I couldn't resist sharing...

Hit count? 666.

Chris Wielk vs. Sean Milnes -- Justin Keena Photography

More of Justin Keena's photos from the Chris Wielk and Sean Milnes sessions last weekend.
Keep an eye on Justin's site as well as his flickr.

Chris Wielk, still working on that 808 sponsorship.

Milnes eclipse.

Milnes 1/4 to 1/4 gap. Al keeping things cool 'round back.

Wielk nose manny

Ghostship fixed. New design.

Ghostship's got a new design coming soon based on the old Norton Motorcycles logo.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vans Clipless Shoe

Not sure how long these have been out, I just noticed some SPD clipless shoes on the Vans site:

The Warner is the first choice in style, comfort, and performance for SPD compatible shoes for today's BMX racers and mountain bikers alike. The Warner utilizes our lightweight gum rubber "Off the Wall" tread pattern molded to our performance driven SPD compatible outsole. We've internally relieved material from key points on the SPD plate to keep it light and stiff over the mid foot area while providing flex in other key areas. The upper infuses weather resistant synthetic leathers and vented ballistic nylon mesh with a removable hook and loop tension strap. Our self centering gored tongue and a comfortable molded EVA foam sockliner top it off.

They retail at $90, but if you order anything from vans between 3/23 and 3/29 you can save 20% off your order:


We're sorry we missed you! Our site is currently undergoing maintenance, but after a brief stint on the DL, we'll be back in business tomorrow, 3/26/09.

If you come back and shop with us by 3/29/09, we would like to offer you a 20% discount on your entire purchase.

Coupon code SORRY09 must be applied at checkout.

Offer is valid between 3/26/09-3/29/09, on in stock and custom orders.

Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jacques Ferrand Leather Wrapped Track Bike

Arkitip Intel has posted one of the wildest things I've seen in a while. Jacques Ferrand works with leather out of his shop in Paris. Check these photos, then follow the link for more pics and the lowdown.

Get the pics and the article here.

Tyrant: limited edition gear this Saturday!

If you're hitting up the Stratford BMX Jam this Saturday, Tyrant's going to have some great gear for sale, including some super limited edition hoodies.

Again, this event will require a helmet and a waiver. 700CMX / Fixed riders welcome. We've had the opportunity to session with the Tyrant crew a few times now, and these guys are always accommodating to old men on track bikes!

Feetbelts. $25 Shipped

The Feetbelts are ready. $25 shipped.

Spider & Cutter 3.0

Volume Bikes has some info up on the 3rd generation Cutter and "spy" photos of their Spider for 19mm BMX spindles, as well as info on their delayed yet again new fork (with a new name).

It's made the rounds everywhere else, so why not?

DEATH PEDAL Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa KAreem on Vimeo.

This should be a good one.

All-City to sponsor GTV

We are super excited to announce that ALL CITY has signed on as a sponsor for Grand Theft Velo on May 16th.

We've been psyched up on their new UCI-legal Track bike for a while now, and can't wait to get our hands on their 612 Track Cranks.

They've got a blog, so throw it on the ol' RSS reader.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Polo season begins, coverage in Advocate.

We'd like to give a quick shout-out and "thank you" to David Riedel, intrepid reporter with the New Haven Advocate for his piece on bike polo in the weekly's Spring Guide series.

Check the article here or at the Fairfield Weekly here.

Pic credit: David Riedel

Additional photos here

Also, be sure to check out the article on New Haven's hashers. Running & Beer. Sound familiar?

Swobo's New Track Hub -- Spy Photos

Twittering is good for...

...spy photos! Swobo's new track hub. "A screwdriver converts from fixed to free."

Separated at Birth?

On the left is our Man in Austin, Midnight Ridazz'/Cemetary Cats', Scorcher in exile, Dan Nicely. On the right is Dave, Boston's recycling hatter.
Dave essentially finds great old dress shirts, sport jackets, etc. at thrift shops and uses the vintage fabrics to make new cycling caps.
The OPEN crew brought a bunch down to CT recently, and will be carrying them in their shop, which is due to open (open, get it?) on April 11th. We snatched up a bunch of Dave's caps and they're really well made. The elastic at the back accommodates various sized heads. The brims are short enough to not get in the way, but long enough to still be effective (c'mon you're just going to rock a tilt anyway!). I personally grabbed one made from an old tweed professor jacket which has been keeping my dome toasty warm during this 25 degree Spring we've been having, as well as a dainty paisley one for the missus. Keep an eye out for this kid, as he'll probably be able to quit his day-job soon enough -- the quality of the hat is just that good!

BMX / 700CMX Jam this Saturday

click here to enlarge

Tyrant BMX is sponsoring a BMX Jam/Throwdown/Ho-down/Bro-down at the Short Beach Park Skatepark this Saturday in Stratford, CT. You'll need a waiver, which you can copy from Tyrant's flickr. There'll be product giveaways as well as some impromptu contests. There's also gonna be a ton of Tyrant gear for sale at rock-bottom pricing.

Directions to the Stratford Park from Central CT area:
- 91 South to 95 South
- 95 South to Exit 31
- Left at the bottom of the exit ramp onto South Ave.
- Follow South Ave. to Main Street
- Turn right on Main and follow for 1.6 miles
- Turn left into South Beach Park / Dorne Drive
- Park the car and get on your bike!

Get more info at Tyrant. Fixed/700CMX riders welcome!

Red Hook Crit. March 28th

Dave August / Trimble Racing bring you the return of the Red Hook Criterium, this Saturday, March 28th. Get down there for 9PM to race and/or spectate. Brakeless fixed-gear bikes only. Helmets required. Hit up Trimble Racing for more info.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Since "track bikes are the new skateboards"

...it's only natural that commercial properties would need to be protected from the wrath of skids!

From Macaframa.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1/4 to 1/4 Alternate Take

Since Justin Keena made him do it 20+ times to get his photos "right", I thought I'd give you another look at Sean's 1/4/ to 1/4 gap at Edgewood.

Twin Six X Metal

Besides producing gear for fat cyclists, Twin Six now seems to be chasing after even our hearts...

The bag, as all of Twin Six's are from Crumpler. You can grab it all up from Twin Six here. Thanks to Team Beer'd for the heads up.

Drew at the New Haven Historical Society.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Milnes killing it at Edgewood

Edgewood Skatepark. Sean Milnes. Scorchers.

Must be those new Azonic bars and stem offering all that pop!

How 'bout a chainring grind at Yale's Women's Fountain...

...and Kanye Nuge only tricks while smoking. It's his "thing".


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