Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Prizes...

More prize packs from our sponsors...some seriously sweet stuff!

-rad shirts from the gals over at Harlot.

-About 20 signed copies of Public Enemy #1 thanks to American Mule Entertainment.

-Dooooooope waxed cotton cycling cap from Outlier.

-Fresh shades from the folks over @ Smith Optics.

-All the way from Australia, a prize pack from the kind folks @ Knog.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ghostship Collective in Mountain Bike Action Magazine

The Ghostship Collective's break-thru performance this past weekend in the NYCMTB's Hustle and Flow event has grabbed attention of the media.

Mountain Bike Action Magazine article...

To paraphrase:
"The Ghostship Team from Connecticut repeated their domination of the team category, breaking their own course record by a whopping 19 seconds."

"Notable performances included the team XC leg ridden by endurance racer Doug Jenne (Ghostship Clothing), whose under 4-minute time broke the previous course record by over a minute."

Official Results from 2009 are posted here

Official Results from 2008 are posted here

3min 57sec!!! Holy Crap Dougyfresh! What has India done to you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

HorroH to sponsor Grand Theft Velo

, the driving riding force behind Fixed Fight is the most recent sponsor to sign on for Grand Theft Velo.

May 16th. New Haven.

Doug's Himalayan Mountain Bike Expedition Slideshow

Tomorrow night, (4.28), at REI in West Hartford (71 Raymond Road), Doug Jenne will be showing photos from his time spent in the Himalayas for the Sikkim Mountain Bike Race in India. Get a preview of some of the pix at Doug's flickr. The show's going down at 7; expect it to last an hour or so.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ghostship takes NYC Hustle 'n Flow

The Ghostship Collective defended their crown at yesterday's Hustle 'N Flow race in NYC, taking 1st place for the second year in a row. Check Tyrant's blog for a recap.

Pix from Tyrant's flickr.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Valley Kitten

Next Saturday. More information at A-Able.
My favorite line from the race description is, "a race to raise the bar for all other races this season." I'm guessing the organizer has not ridden a Team Goldbar or Milnes-related event. Either way, looks fun.
A-Able does bags. Somehow, someone, somewhere found the faux Louis Vuitton fabric that I've been searching for forever, and made a bag out of it, which is what I was hoping to do. Oh well.
Nice job, though!

Grand Theft Velo 3, Sponsors Announced

It's coming.
There's still room for more, so if you'd like to help out, let us know.

Fork Fail, part 2

A day after Sean Milnes destroys the fork on his Langster, our man Nugent does the same...

Fork Fail

The fork on Sean's Langster finally went. For all the trixsters out there, the larger frame sizes will barspin, so long as your throw the wheel around with some force. They will not, however, endure the stress of constant 180's and stairsets.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow! Um, Brian, I don't know what to, uh, say

Apparently, our boy Brian owns the world record for most Pete Townsend-style arm swings in 60 seconds. I'm not exactly sure why.
Here's the video of him breaking the old record by 23.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nose Manuals?

So sick....

Smith Optics, manufacturer of fine sunglasses and goggles, are the latest to sign on as sponsors for Grand Theft Velo III. Head over to their website and check the new line...come race GTV3 and possibly win some fresh shades! Have you been to the 2009 Scorchers event site yet? Take a sec and head on over to check out all of the sponsors we've got lined up! Come race and win some great stuff!

Monday, April 20, 2009

bling bling - titanium yo!

our man dougyfresh has found some more bling for his 29er singlespeed.

Handmade titanium singlespeed cogs from Boone Technologies. These puppies are hard to come by for production is uber low.

As if he wasn't fast enough.....

New Danny MacAskill Edit

So trials riding can look a little fruity sometimes but Danny Mac has always had amazing flow in his street riding. This edit shot over the last few months in Ireland just got posted yesterday.

Knog and Swrve to sponsor Grand Theft Velo

Two new sponsors have entered the arena for Grand Theft Velo 3 on May 16th.
Knog from Australia and Swrve. Hit 'em up, buy something, and thank them for their support!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our boy Chris Wielk Spotted at Zlog

Zlog throws up a Wielk shot, as well as his interpretation of East Coast style. Didn't realize we had one 'til I read his post, but it makes sense now, seeing as that I really don't see too many Keirin frames with 650c front wheels out here, but I saw them all over San Fran.

Ghost Bicycles Recycled Pedal Straps

Ghost Bicycles has offered up this sneak peek at their pedal straps. Recycled seat belts (common?) set up for fixation to platform pedals. Stay tuned to their blog for updates (we hope).

The only other current info I could find is their other blog, titled "Rap Snitch Knishes". Werd.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What to work on for next winter...

Just got this video in from S&M Bikes... grab an old BMX frame and some metal tools... Ski Bike

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

East Rock Time Trial

Video from WTNH. I hung at the switchback with West Point. Those cadets can ride. Matt's shop is called The Devil's Gear not the "devil's scare".

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mishka, Gage and Desoto, BMW Grand Theft Velo prize packs have arrived!

The prizes for Grand THeft Velo are starting to roll in! This week brought us prize packs from Mishka, Gage and Desoto, and Brooklyn Machine Works. Thanks guys!

Gage and Desoto has been running some great shirts that everyone's been talking about. Well, we got 'em. Get your race on and secure yourself some "chest bling".

Mishka has been at the forefront of urban cycling design and culture, thanks in part to These guys really hooked us up!

Skulls not included

Brooklyn's stuff has yet to make it to the "photographer", so we'll update that later. Also, word has it a package from Creep Street has also found it's way to the Roll Deep compound on Shelton Ave. And, let's not forget about Milwaukee Cycle; if you don't come out, you'll regret it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tracklocross. This Weekend. Randal's Island

Tracklocross is this Saturday! What could be better than playing with track bikes in the mud or needing a tetanus shot before the event?!?! Well, actually the tetanus shot decision's on you.

We're sponsoring this event, so head on down.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tyrant Session -- 4.5.09

The Tyrant Crew's at it again. Get the rest from their 4.5.09 session at Tyrant's flickr.

Dave Blachura

Complete Insanity....

This is insane. I love me some bike vids but this one kills them all...Insanity begins @ 2:24...

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Velocity Chukker -- the new wheel

A while back, we found out about a new project Velocity was working on that would rival the H-Plus-Son rims that were storming the market. Apparently, that wasn't the only thing they were working on. Friday, on the Velocity blog they gave us a peek at their newest creation, the Chukker.

Anodized colors and non-machined sidewalls to keep the cost down, with 26" and 700c sizing. They're referring to it as a "Deep V on steroids". It definitely appears beefier, let's hope it can stand up to some good abuse.

All pix from Velocity

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breaking News! Sam to race GTV!!!

This is Sam. He's from Baltimore. He'll be attending Grand Theft Velo III. Will you?

Singlespeed racing in the Himalayas

Our boy Doug just got back from Sikkim, India for the India MTB Expedition. Race organizers and race promoters had some trouble issuing prizes. A near riot ensued (funny how you can't expect people to torture themselves for nothing). Money was borrowed to pay prizes out. Doug took 7th in his division. He rode a singlespeed, 'cuz gears are for suckaz.

His race report (part 1, we hope)...

Some photos from my three week jaunt over in northern India. Yup, otherside of the world. I went over there with three other US racers (TimmyD from Cannondale, Janel from Cannondale and Harlan from Independent Fabrications).

We competed in a 9-day mountain bike race.

Tim and I were the only ones on singlespeeds. I opted for a suspension fork rather than my trusty rigid.

~ Nutrition was sub-par (all carb diet)
~ Lodging was sub-par
~ bathroom/washrooms were sub-par
~Commitments were broken from the day we arrived (travel, lodging, etc..)
~Race organizers were not paid
~Race winners were originally paid a fraction of what they were owed

This all lead to a revolt by all racers and volunteers and local townspeople that care for the reputation of the Indian state of 'Sikkim' during the awards ceremony post-race.

Redemption followed a day later with the winners and race organizers getting paid.

We then flew home exhausted...

Met some great people from all over the world (Canada, UK, Germany, Nepal, India). The Nepalese mountain bikers we raced/rode with (top riders in the country) want us to come to Nepal to ride. Perhaps a Nepal trip is in store for next year. SInglespeed obviously ;)

some of Tim's photos (mine are forthcoming):

dolla dolla bill, y'all.


oh' snap!

"you better let me in!"

domestic airline on the way home didn't like my overweight bike box. had to open 'her up and move some gear to another box. had the whole airport watching.

3 weeks of this (or out near a tree or better yet.. in the middle of the road. haha)! most did not have paper. SO glad to be back to western civilization

local support to help me bleed my brakes

make sure those 'bars are aligned properly!


We're off! That's me up against one of the top nepalese riders. I was on his wheel the entire descent. singlespeed [and 29er] this!

Yes, that guy was overseeing the females working.

so depleted of protein... we almost cooked this little guy up. sad to say that but it was the truth at the time.

killing time at the start of day 5.

this breakfast was actually VERY good.

walking in Gangtok.. the capital of Sikkim. 5700ft above sea level. No road was flat.

start of day 1. us 'whities' or 'americans'

the crazy german (red) and brit (white)
actually, these two peters were hilarious and great company. good peeps

you only need one

local media

harlan likes to pick his nose (so do i)

the competition

janel and i at breakfast (day 2)... oohhhh. more carbs

rode across this 'ish

(harlan and I)

janel foam rollin'
little self massage

lunch. lookie here. more carbs

the trail ahead

morning of day 4. enjoying some chai tea whilst still in the sleeping bag

bridge action

its simple!

100% curable

mid-day argument between the race organizers (blue shirt on left) and race promoter (white shirt in middle)

legs are gunked up and hurt
day 3

innovative new way of pumping up bicycle tires. get your whole body into it...


nipples are stripped, spokes are at super high tension. need to straighten wheel so the v-brakes will work. use your feet!


just riding along

sacred cow

hmmm. who is out of place?

don't touch my ass

tea stop at 7000ft


one of my favorite photos Tim took

"make it stop!"

bamboo scaffolding

big winners!
harlan (1st mens solo USA) and gerry (1st mens master CAD)

janel (very cold) and mangal (nepalese national champion)

harlan having some fun on a road switchback

i was a little more conservative

WE are officially DONE!

tea anyone?

post-race uproar!

great Kangchendzonga mountain (3rd tallest in world)

post race shave US$1.00

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