Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Upcoming race with Ghostship

Yowzers! It's the first ever Scorchers' Blog upcoming race notification! So exciting!!!

The crew over at Ghostship has hipped us to a Gentleman's race next Saturday in Hartford. Apparently, "Gentleman's" means no race officials, not Old Tyme guys with curly mustaches on pre-war Iver Johnsons. Alas, it appears to be a good time...

The details (as shamelessly stolen from the Ghostship Blog):

3pm sign up & 3:30 race
the start is at the gazebo at charter oak landing hartford, ct
$5 entry fee
it's off and on road, but nothing so technical that couldn't ride it on a road/track bike.
cash prizes and perhaps some other stuff, too
it's not going to be marshaled, so don't cheat

From South of Hartford, take I-91 North to Exit 27, Airport Rd / Brainard Rd. At the end of the ramp, continue straight onto Murphy Road. Go straight through the next intersection and the park entrance is on your right, under the Charter Oak Bridge.

Drew Deep has offered to transport riders up to Hartford in the team van.


ALAN said...

this makes us so much cooler now!

skullhead said...

We'll be there on Saturday. Not heading out to some far away location to get shelled, puke and crash @ 9am for $30.

doug said...

I am doing what I can to attend on Saturday...

Rock on!


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