Monday, April 13, 2009

Mishka, Gage and Desoto, BMW Grand Theft Velo prize packs have arrived!

The prizes for Grand THeft Velo are starting to roll in! This week brought us prize packs from Mishka, Gage and Desoto, and Brooklyn Machine Works. Thanks guys!

Gage and Desoto has been running some great shirts that everyone's been talking about. Well, we got 'em. Get your race on and secure yourself some "chest bling".

Mishka has been at the forefront of urban cycling design and culture, thanks in part to These guys really hooked us up!

Skulls not included

Brooklyn's stuff has yet to make it to the "photographer", so we'll update that later. Also, word has it a package from Creep Street has also found it's way to the Roll Deep compound on Shelton Ave. And, let's not forget about Milwaukee Cycle; if you don't come out, you'll regret it.

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MarvinK said...

This graphic would be the start to a pretty sweet t-shirt.


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