Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tracklocross Update

Tracklocross is just over a week away (Saturday, 4/11) and Team Wreckstuff posted some pics from their course recon last weekend. It's going to be more brutal than last year's race, featuring a checkpoint that will simply be known as "tetanus." The guys putting on this race have been longtime supporters of New Haven's races and it's always a blast when they come up to ride with us. The Scorchers are proud to be saying that we'll be sponsoring this race and encourage anyone who isn't going to show up, ride, get muddy, or just laugh at everyone else who is. Just as a heads up on the rules, here's the deal:

We here at Tracklocross Headquarters would like to take this opportunity to announce some simple things about Tracklocross 2009:

: Your bike must either have either a fixed gear, or slick tires no fatter than 25mm. Want to ride your cyclocross bike? Fine, as long as you throw proper road tires on it. Wanna ride your fixed gear? Great. You're allowed to use cross tires. What? You only ride singlespeeds? All right, just make sure it has slicks.

: There will be a special prize for the highest-placing rider riding a track bike. By track bike, we mean a bike with: a fixed gear, geared at greater than or equal to 49x16 (700x23c). Plugged drop bars. No brakes. Slick tires.

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