Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grand Theft Velo 3 in pictures (Volume 1)

Some photos posted so far from this weekend's Grand Theft Velo 3 in New Haven, CT....

from the Tyrant BMX blog and Tony's flickr.

NH Scorcher Dan Nugent vs. Austin Scorcher Dan Nicely. Battle of the Dans!
from Sara T.'s facebook

Scorcher Drew Pattison (5th Place) at Fort Nathan Hale

West Coast Scorcher Lily DiMauro reaches Nathan Hale. Look at that fog!

Rich House (6th Place) and Mr. Lucas Brunelle. Photo from Rich's facebook

The early scene outside Rudy's (372 Elm St.). Photo from Mark M.'s facebook.

"celebrity" blogger John "Prolly" Watson and "celebrity" alleycat documentary producer Lucas Brunelle bunny hopping Boston's Justin Keena. Photo by Tyrant via Prolly Is Not Probably.

Raf getting his Bianchi Pista Concept for taking 1st place. Look at all that swag! Organizer Justin Bagnati gives out. Organizer Eric Jennette on left.

Amity Bicycle, Team Scorchers rider Justin Bagnati having his final manifests checked by organizer Matt Uva. Justin came in 2 minutes before Raf, but missed one tiny detail, resulting in a DQ. Robbed!

West Hartford's Aaron Meberg had some technical difficulties. He took Uva's bike to keep racing, then traded it with Phil Lique to finish. "Musical Bikes" scored him 8th place overall.

"Chefpants" from the Baltimore Scorchers.

NH ScorcherDan Nugent working towards that Bruiser.

Boston Scorcher, Justin Keena, forgetting the "wheels down, helmets up" part.

Francesca from the Boston Scorchers working that map. Many checkpoints were foreign, even to locals.

Ghostship Clothing's Matt Lolli, during his "oh sh!t" moment, realizing that the "bonus" manifest for the top 15 added 21+ miles to his ride. Prolly and Chris Wielk in the background.

He rode it well. Here he is receiving his prizes (no Ghostship swag) for 13th overall from organizers, Scorchers NYC's Brian Kaspr, and NH's Matt Uva and Justin Bagnati.

25th place finisher and token vegan straight edge Scorcher, Anthony Acock

Thanks to Tony Tyrant for that batch of photos

The Water St. Legal Wall checkpoint, mid project. Photo by Hillary Stearns via her facebook.

More to come!

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