Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abraham Lincoln and the future of BikeNewHaven blog

Our friend Bill's Bike New Haven blog has been dormant for some time now. In his most recent post he hints at discontinuing the blog. I'll admit I'm somewhat disappointed because his blog stood in a Purgatorical (yep, new word, I invented it) gray area between ours and the Elm City Cycling ListServ.
His recent post is highly recommended reading, however, and will give you an idea of what we're going to miss. He recounts a tale of a Yale grad being hit by a minivan whilst traveling along the Orange St. bike lane. The story is amusing, replete with an immigrant who's ID claims his name is Abraham Lincoln, and Bill's response to said story is hilarious.

BTW, I’m assuming you’re from out of town for these three reasons:

1. You called Nica’s Market Nikita’s.
2. You actually used the bike lane on Orange Street.
3. You used the phrases “Un-Fucking believable” and “I shit you not.”

The bike lane on Orange Street, as any local will tell you, is a death trap. It typifies the type of urban planning New Haven likes to embrace. Somewhere between FUBAR and great idea, it represents a classic example of "we didn't think this through".

Bill, we're going to miss the blog!

Also of note, is Bill's link to the law firm of Jonathan Mills who has a bicycle-accident-specific department.

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Hew Naven?? said...

It's not over yet. I'll leave a blog suicide note when I'm ready.



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