Sunday, May 24, 2009

3RRR - aluminum TT protectors

When Nao from 3RRR offered us a couple of his "Bring Rings" to give away at Grand Theft Velo, I attributed his pronunciation to some very bad stereotypes, and referred to them as "Bling Rings" instead. I'm glad to see in one of his recent blog posts that he's even spelling it "B-R-I-N-G" for a little good humored satire. I feel much better now, Nao.
Nao thanks Scorcher Sean Milnes in his post for Sean's use of the Bring Ring during a recent trick session.

If the "Bring Ring" is too much for you, 3RRR's also got a more traditional style available...

There's also some other metal-work afoot, including custom top-tube protectors in collaboration with OPEN Bicycle and Jeff Carvalho from High Snobiety...

Hand-brushed 6061 aluminum. Nao's also done some for Freeman Transport as well as a host of others...

pix gratuitously stolen from 3RRR's flickr.

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