Monday, February 2, 2009

Eel 2: the sequel

It looks like the gang from the 'Beat is considering a sequel to their famed Eel race.
Last time was part alleycat, part gentleman's race, and all cyclocross. This time, they're thinking a little less wet leaves and a little more asphalt...

"So, I propose a new race for either Feb 21 or 28. It'll be a point to point road race, similar to the eel, but not a loop. You'll choose you're own route to some extent, but it'll be more structured than an alley cat." -- BeatBikeBlog.

Hopefully they choose the 28th, as a few of us will be indisposed on the 21st (secret society meeting - shh). We promise, Hartford, if you're reading, hold it on the 28th and we'll bring the mayhem.


Aaron said...

Not the 28th! That's MONSTERTRACK weekend!

Aaron said...

Not the 28th I hope! That's MONSTERTRACK weekend.


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