Sunday, February 8, 2009

re: Coffee Cat

We're still working with the race organizers to get the full results to post, but for now, we've got Scorchers in the top three -- CT Drew, Sean Milnes, and Raf. I was a block away, but it looked like Bill from the Bike New Haven blog took fourth. Sixth place and first place girl was Scorcher Pandalicia, beating out close to 30 other riders! (Note: this is her second 6th place finish to take 1st place girls, so if she gets another, we'll know she struck a deal with the devil). Justin Keena and Zack from the OPEN crew out of Boston took first and second out of town. There were quite a few out of towners, with Boston, Providence, and NYC all representing.
Minus a few glitches here and there, it was a success for the two local kids who threw the event. The weather held, and the series of afterparties and after-afterparties drove on into the wee hours. There was a trick sesh at Beinecke -- expect to see some photos from Justin Keena very soon -- including one that is guaranteed to go viral in this digital age and end up on everything from Twitter blogs to t-shirts.
As soon as we get more, whether it's pix or results or race reports or what have you, we'll post it here.

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