Friday, February 27, 2009

Pro Cycling on Twitter

I found the following at, which is the news source for social media geeks.

Pro Cycling On Twitter
From Chris Spagnuolo...

"2009 promises to be a stellar year for professional cycling around the world. The return of Lance Armstrong has more fans than ever turning out at early season races like the Tour Down Under and the Tour of California. And in the midst of all of this excitement, there’s a new thrill in town. The world of professional cycling has seemingly become enamored with the wonderful world of Twitter.

Some of the world’s top cycling professionals have taken to Tweeting on a regular basis. For the first time, cycling fans are getting the real skinny about the behind-the-scenes happenings of professional cyclists as they travel the world.

It’s not just the pedaling pros who are Twittering. Team managers, mechanics, coaches…they’re all getting into the act. We’re getting real-time updates from team cars as the races progress. And race organizers themselves are Tweeting information for fans attending the races on a regular basis: where to park, where to watch from, after race events, and much more. "

Read the rest of the article for 48 cyclists who update regularly on Twitter. Some highlights include Christian Vande Velde who "thugs it out" to the new Common record in the rain and Levi Leipheimer's constant uploading of ridiculous photos with, um "captions".


Hew Naven?? said...

Ugh!! If I hear anymore about people "tweeting" I'm gonna puke. You wanna know what I'm doing right now, something really fucking trivial, that's what! Now fuck off!

This is the part that really bothers me:

It’s not just the pedaling pros who are Twittering. Team managers, mechanics, coaches…they’re all getting into the act.

Oh, so now I can get updated by Alberto Contador's wrench everytime his derailleur gets adjusted. That's fucking awesome!

As far as Levi, the only photos I want to see are of his wife (without him in the frame).

Scorchers New Haven said...

Speaking of "Tweeting", I read the following sentence on Mashable this morning: "A profile pic is worth a thousand tweets". Yowza.
Unfortunately, Hew, this is web 2.0 -- and the future. I'd actually like to know every time Alberto's derailleur is adjusted -- imagine watching le Tour on VS (no longer OLN - the Only Lance Network) and seeing Contador drop back and be able to find out why in real time.
I dunno, call me a tool, but the really trivial becomes the really interesting when you follow for some time. Most likely it's a result of our reality-based popular culture, but hey, I'd rather be updated on Contador's bike than on Paris Hilton's newest chihuahua.


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