Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scorchers sponsor someone else for a change.

This is Danny B.

This is Nick.

Together they are the Vegan Straight Edge Twins. Okay, they're not twins. And I'm pretty sure Nick's got a Brook's saddle. And wait - is coffee sXe? Well anyway, they're holding a little local shindig called the Coffee Cat...

We've signed on as a sponsor -- nothing too crazy, some random parts and kit and bottles of the bubbly (while the official champagne of the Scorchers is Krug, our sommelier staff have suggested Veuve Clicquot and Mionetto Prosecco as fine pairings for vegan cupcakes).
Billed as a "bicycle scavenger hunt", we're guessing it'll hit up the local coffeeshops (amazing how we've deduced that) in a nice little warm-up for the spring and summer events we've got planned. It's great to see others take the initiative for a change and plan something that we can actually come out and race.
Smart money has SXR Eric, SXR Raf, and BNH Bill in the top 5. Possible spoilers are SXR Drew Deep, Ghostship's Matt Lolli, and SXR Kanye "I puke at every race" Nugent. DFL is a toss-up between SXR Al and Yoda. And you thought the Boston kids were the only ones who wagered on alleycats!

It looks like they're closing down one of the local coffeeshops for the after-events and I'm sure there'll be a nice old-fashioned booze cruise to follow. Mustaches recommended.
Other sponsors listed are Fuel Coffee, Bare Beans Coffee, The Devil's Gear Bike Shop, Amity Bikes, Ghostship, and Channel 1.


xREx said...


xREx said...

tank ou!

Hew Naven?? said...

"Smart" and "money" are two words usually not associated with my name, but ok....BTW, Y'all are doing big things, New Haven owes you!


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