Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BMX / 700CMX Jam this Saturday

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Tyrant BMX is sponsoring a BMX Jam/Throwdown/Ho-down/Bro-down at the Short Beach Park Skatepark this Saturday in Stratford, CT. You'll need a waiver, which you can copy from Tyrant's flickr. There'll be product giveaways as well as some impromptu contests. There's also gonna be a ton of Tyrant gear for sale at rock-bottom pricing.

Directions to the Stratford Park from Central CT area:
- 91 South to 95 South
- 95 South to Exit 31
- Left at the bottom of the exit ramp onto South Ave.
- Follow South Ave. to Main Street
- Turn right on Main and follow for 1.6 miles
- Turn left into South Beach Park / Dorne Drive
- Park the car and get on your bike!

Get more info at Tyrant. Fixed/700CMX riders welcome!

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rideTYRANT.com said...

Thanks for the plugg Matt!


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