Monday, March 16, 2009

Grand Theft Velo update and call for submissions

May 16th is sooner than we'd like it to be.
We've got quite a few sponsors lined up. Check the left-hand column of this blog, or throw Scorchers2009 on the ol' RSS reader. for updates.
We're working our hardest to get a li'l sumthin' sumthin' for everyone who comes out to race, but we could use help. Maybe you're that kid who just started out printing his/her own shirts, or sewing your own hats, or building your own components/framesets and you're looking to get your name out. Or, maybe you're a shop rat looking for something constructive to do with the NOS parts that are taking up space in the back room. Either way, we'd love your help. Get in touch with us if you're able to contribute.

If you're planning on coming out to ride or work a checkpoint, we're doing our best to fill lodging requests from those traveling from afar. We're getting rumblings from Baltimore, Madison, Austin, and Boston of large crews coming out, so if you're looking to win 1st out-of-town you better be bringing your game face.

Keep checking back for updates.


fixed gear biking uk said...

epicly done - love the poster!

FireWater said...

Thanks for the invite! I will spread the word to the rest of the team and see who is game.

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