Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bike Shorts

The next Bike Shorts will be taking place on April 12th... which is conveniently the day after Tracklocross for everyone who is planning on making a weekend of it in NYC. The deadline for submissions is April 5th and it will be taking place at Galapagos. Some more details about the event:

Bike Shorts is a low-key event to share whatever you've been working on with like-minded folks. It is is not a festival. We started Bike Shorts because we know there are a lot of people out there creating great stuff, and it should be easier to share and show your work.

So get out there, strap your camera to your head, and make some movies. You know what though? If all you're gonna do is strap your camera to your head and film you & your buddies dodging traffic, you're not going to win the $100 cash prize. So be original. Be creative. Impress us.

Oh, and just so you know: the winner is determined solely by the biased opinion of the audience, so bring your friends!

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