Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Has Sprung -- 4/18 Newington, CT

Tyrant BMX is really getting the season rolling. He regularly rents out Haven Skatepark and invites along the fixed-gear hooligans. He just threw down a BMX Jam at the Stratford Skatepark, and now he's got another one coming up on April 18th in Newington.
As is the norm with the Tyrant crew, fixed gear/700CMX/tarck riders are welcome, and Tony's holding both a skid and bunny hop comp for the fixed riders. He's scored a ton of stuff from some great area sponsors.

From Tony:
Come out and ride! The Newington Park has a bunch of wedges and mellow ramps, perfect for fixie freestyle. I'm going to do a bunch of contests including a skid contest as well as the bunnyhop. I'm awaiting feedback from a bunch of potential "free swag" sponsors, but I'm sure there will be lots of free merch. to go around!

In other Tyrant news, they're blowing out the rest of his Graffiti logo T's at a rock-bottom $10. Hit up the Tyrant site or MySpace to cop one.

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