Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chris 'n his Milwaukee

Chris Wielk, friend to Print Brigade, regular at Prolly's Peel Sessions, and old school rollerblader extraordinaire hopped the Metro North from NYC Friday to get some riding time in New Haven. Chris brought with him one of the very few Milwaukee prototype bicycles in existence. Both Chris and his sexy bicycle are welcome in New Haven anytime!

Chris Wielk for 808

Chris Wielk nose manny. Look in the gutter...

...and you'll find Justin "One More Time" Keena!

Wielk vs. Milnes

Chris was a great time and we hope to have him up again. There'll be more photos as soon as we get the clearance to post 'em as there be some top secret parts on that whip. quick! zoom those pix!!. Also, be sure to check Justin Keena's flickr as he made both Chris and Sean do the same runs over and over and over and over again to "get the right lighting" or the "right angles" or "without that building". I feel bad for the skaters in abandoned Portland, ME warehouses he's usually shooting.



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