Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Separated at Birth?

On the left is our Man in Austin, Midnight Ridazz'/Cemetary Cats', Scorcher in exile, Dan Nicely. On the right is Dave, Boston's recycling hatter.
Dave essentially finds great old dress shirts, sport jackets, etc. at thrift shops and uses the vintage fabrics to make new cycling caps.
The OPEN crew brought a bunch down to CT recently, and will be carrying them in their shop, which is due to open (open, get it?) on April 11th. We snatched up a bunch of Dave's caps and they're really well made. The elastic at the back accommodates various sized heads. The brims are short enough to not get in the way, but long enough to still be effective (c'mon you're just going to rock a tilt anyway!). I personally grabbed one made from an old tweed professor jacket which has been keeping my dome toasty warm during this 25 degree Spring we've been having, as well as a dainty paisley one for the missus. Keep an eye out for this kid, as he'll probably be able to quit his day-job soon enough -- the quality of the hat is just that good!

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