Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last minute Grand Theft Velo shop sponsors come out in droves! Trackstar, Affinity, King Kog, Eighth Inch, Shop Gentei

Grand Theft Velo 3 promises to be bigger than ever, and we've got the last minute sponsor add-ons to prove it!

is one of NYC's preeminent (and one of the oldest) fixed-gear-specific shops. They've helped us out in the past, and we couldn't be more psyched that they're helping again. Back during the original Route 1 Stage Race leading up to the CMWC's in NY, we had the opportunity to hang with Team Trackstar. Trackstar is a rad group of guys 'n gals.

has a knack for custom builds, and rarely shy away from finding some ultra-rare parts. They're keeping pace at the Kissena Velodrome as well. They've also emerged as a frame builder of some of the most sought after bikes on the East Coast.

was one of our earliest event sponsors for the original Grand Theft Velo, signing on over 6 months before the race. They've been a force in the NY scene for some time now, and currently kill it with their sponsored riders, most notably Austin Horse and Sarah Murder.

is the fixed-specific wing of the Wheel & Sprocket Co.. They carry a ridiculously large assortment of everything you would need for your whip, delivered to your door. They've also entered the frame and fork business with their Scrambler.

may be the true originator of the Track Boutique, placing as much emphasis on the fashion and culture surrounding the urban cyclist as the bicycle itself. It's a business plan that's worked, as they now hold two locations -- Baltimore and Towson, MD.

GTV3 is THIS Saturday, so get on it!

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