Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ninth Square Collective - Art Opening May 15th New Haven CT Channel 1

May 15th, the night before Grand Theft Velo gives us the debut of the Ninth Square Collective at Channel 1 (220 State St., New Haven). This debut comes as Channel 1 celebrates its fourth year of business, supplying New Haven with lifestyle products from independent companies as well as a gallery that has featured works of international artists of many types.
The opening reception is from 6-9pm at Channel 1 and is free and open to the public. Channel 1 will also use the reception to kick off a special series of limited edition products in collaboration with several visual and musical artists.

The Ninth Square Collective consists of:
Katro Storm
Silas Finch
DEMO (who has done artwork for the Scorchers)
Jemma Williams
Sket One
Rob Greenberg
Scorcher Drew Nemetz.

work by Katro Storm, from The Arts Council of Greater New Haven

works by Silas Finch, photos from Q&A With Silas Finch at Brink Magazine

works by DEMO

works by Jemma Williams

work by REO, via Art Crimes

works by Sket One

work by Robert Greenberg from Artspace New Haven

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