Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bike Portland in New Haven

Elly from Bike Portland rolled through the 'Have last week. She penned a little "piece", mostly about the Devil's Gear and ECC that gives us a brief plug, as "the beer-swilling, freakbike welding Elm City Scorchers". Thanks, Elly. She also mentions our pal too-fast-to-be-on-knobby-tires Bill from the BikeNewHaven Blog.
I had the opportunity to be "interviewed" by Elly, and wish I hadn't flaked on returning her e-mail. Oh well, maybe next time.
She'd have seen there are at least three distinct bike cultures at work in New Haven, with almost zero overlap or cooperation. Alas...

Her other New Haven articles are here and here. I have a sneaking suspicion she missed out on a lot of (the grittier) bike culture during her visit.

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Elly said...

Hey, thanks for the write-up. I told Matt Feiner that my greatest desire while here was to drink beer and weld, but did my dreams come true? No.

In part that's because I was mainly here to visit family. But I also wish you'd gotten back to trip would have been a lot more fun and I could've had some good honest mayhem to balance out the Yale Transportation Options piece I'm working on now. Thanks a lot.

But...there's always next year.


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