Monday, January 26, 2009

Haven Skatepark

Tony Tyrant just posted the pix from the Haven Skatepark Takeover, featuring Scorchers, Ghostship, Pedal Power, and the TyrantBMX crew.

Check Tyrant's flickr for more shots.

Dougy Fresh -- SXR, Ghostship, Vicious Cycles

SXR Sean Milnes working towards that Ghostship sponsorship

SXR Dan Nugent

Sean Milnes

gratuitous tailwhip

more gratuitous tailwhips

Sean Milnes -- bowl action


D Fresh

Haven Skatepark has a rodent problem

Fuck Heelies it's the Freestyle Walk-Off

Sean Milnes - Pyramid

1 comment: said...

Those Scorcher boys ain't right! Burly brakeless fixed gear madness!
...and Drew is just out of his gord!


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