Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hell Yeah! - Juliet Elliott - Charge Bikes - La Ruta megamix

Hell Yeah, the project of Charge Bikes team rider, Juliet Elliot, has been added to the roster of sponsors for this summers' bicycle debauchery, including Grand Theft Velo 3.
We're quite psyched to have Juliet on board!

In other Charge Bikes news, team rider, Sam Humphrey, finished third in La Ruta in Costa Rica. (Neat race diary here.) Our own Dougy Fresh rode it last year. It's billed as "the toughest mountain bike race in the world" but we wouldn't know, every time we ask Doug about it, he walks away in silence and kills a kitten.

pix from Mountain Mayhem 24 hr. race in UK

Seems as if "Sam" is the doppelganger of our "Doug", or is it that there really are that many people who enjoy the Gitmo Bay-style torture that is endurance mountain bike racing???

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zackOPEN said...

fucking awesome. good work fella's - I know Jimmy would blush if you scored him a signed photo of Juliet! haha.


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