Monday, January 12, 2009

Ponied Up!

Scorchers CT Drew, Kanye Nuge, and Uva went up to Boston over the weekend to support the OPEN Bicycle cats and the Boston Bicycle Messenger Association's fund-raising for the 2009 NACCC's in Boston.

The race has a great format. You pay to enter. Your name goes on "the board". Other racers, non-racers, fat-old dudes from New Haven all get the opportunity to approach the board and place bets on the winner. The winner and the winning bets are paid out based on the cash received.

The Board

bets are placed

local Craig Roth was a favorite to win

Last years winner, Lucas Brunelle, known for his helmet-cam videos, ended up not showing, throwing the betting into a furious frenzy. Croth's domination seemed imminent. Until...

...Austin Horse showed up.

Austin rides for King Kog and Red Bull. He had a rusted-out beater of a bicycle, that he proceeded to place sponsor stickers on. Drew, the Nuge, and myself each ran to the board and threw an extra $10 on...

...taking in a "hundo" each when he won.

the dark horse coming in for the win -- that's my gas money!!!

It seems New Haven is not alone in having random New Yorkers show up to steal the win. Among the prizes were a Pake frame for the gals and a sweet bag...

pic stolen from madd fajita - get the rest here.

The race HQ was an old casket factory north of Boston proper. Apparently the space used to house an old bondage dungeon. Yep, you read that right. Besides the "sexual maroon" carpeted room and the occasional hanging chain, were some other fun relics...

also from madd fajita.

Kanye Nuge gets his checkpoint smoke on

the roads were treacherous. i saw 3 ice packs and Kevin "Dark Angel" Porter's busted eye


Great time. Thanks, Boston! Oh, and now I can finally say, Yes, I know Clarence.

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zack said...

Boston Scorchers WHAT!!!
Good to see you fella's again - lets keep on buildin!


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