Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanks again to Brian and Jason for hosting the New Year's Eve shin-dig!

here's some more pix from pandalicia...

Kanye Nugent and CT Drew getting "jiggy".

Helen and Madame Jarcho accosting "Kanye" while Dr. Brionics ponders the cleanliness of his floor.

SL Drew, E.Spaghetti, and CT Drew. Prerequisite "we're still sober" photo.

Al <3 PBR and gratuitous Ghostship product placements.

Colin & Dorothy. Who's winning?

Kanye Nugent, Pandalicia, SL Drew, and E.Spaghetti

Ballin! CT Drew with Veuve Clicquot, PBR, and Chrome Dice.

Uva on the 1's and 2's too fast for aperture.

Artistic "wiki-wiki" shot. (Additional Ghostship placement)

Arms crossed. Bored?

This is where things started to go baaaad...




Pandalicia, CT Drew, Kelly, and Kanye "Gimme Cock" Nugent.


zack Open Bicycle said...

please tell me you guys screened that chainring on the brim of those fuckin dope.

ec scorcher said...

Nah, it was Gentai.


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