Thursday, January 22, 2009


Fuel Coffee (516 Chapel Street, Wooster Square, New Haven) has signed on as a sponsor for the Scorchers Team for the Rt. 1 Stage Race from NYC to Boston leading up to the NACCC's. They've helped with events in the past, as well as the Vegan Twins' Coffee Cat.

That billboard was done by Teaessare Design -- the same cat that does the Grand Theft Velo posters for us.
Some other works he's done for Fuel...

While the Rt. 1 Stage Race isn't until late July, it ain't too early to get your espresso on. The shop blows up during the Wooster Square Farmer's Market, so that might not be the best bet for your first visit. Vegetarian and Vegan meals are the norm as well as latte art.

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